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Monday, 12 March 2012

jason markk x vice ltd edition jet set kit

look what turned up at whitfield towers last week
a limited edition jason markk x vice jet set kit

those who play the shoe game will know the name jason markk,
for the rest of you... to keep it simple, he makes stuff to clean your kicks with.

this little kit dropped on valentines day
it was a no brainer for me... a collab, a limited edition, a nice case also something useful.

the cardboard packaging is full of tiny travel themed details

the case itself is solid. it's a bit like my pelikan cases... pretty unbreakable.
mine is number 359 of 380

here's the case opened up
it contains a 2oz premium shoe cleaner ( which is carry-on friendly ) and
mini versions of the standard and premium cleaning brushes

inside of the lid, the instructions are in the style of an airline safety card
sweet !

it's a cracking bit of kit
and the pieces fit snugly in the box sitting in cut-out foam spaces

nice detail on the wooden brushes too
with the logos and names burnt into the wood

all-in-all, a very nice little purchase. 
will i use it ? heck yes. it's in my bag already, packed for a trip to tokyo.
i just checked and it's sold out by the way... perfect !

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