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Friday, 9 March 2012

self-portrait in rh12

rh12 ?

seriously, i have no idea what rh stands for... it was two hour drive from n7 though. 
worse than that, it involved a long, long drive through south london.

i punctuated the drive by repeating a choice phrase every few minutes...
a phrase taught to me by my assistant al maybe 10 years ago.

l-fog, g-fog, bad twin and now robo-cat have all had the 'pleasure' of being
alongside me in a car while i have uttered this phrase on the way to shoots.

ah well ( moving to my happy place )... i did at least amuse myself during
the shoot in rh12 by knocking out a self-portrait.

regular viewers will be shocked to see i'm using a different pose here.
it's a long story... do you really want to hear it ?

i thought not.

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