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Monday, 5 March 2012

fed like a boss !

on saturday i had a shoot at an absolutely stunning house.

although the design of the house was fantastic, the furniture,
lighting, artwork and even the tiniest details were off the hook...
my main memory of the shoot was the generosity of the owner.

not only did he conjure up a coffee for me straight away, but after
i'd finished shooting, he insisted on cooking for me.
not only that, but he gave me a 'no greens' guarantee.

this is what he served up...
the photo doesn't do this justice.
it was hands down, the tastiest chicken i can remember.
i think it was just chicken, cumin, onions, butter and maybe garlic and ginger ?

anyway, served with pitta bread a glass of cold water and footy on the big
screen this was a beautiful way to end a shoot.

cheers sam.

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