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Friday, 2 March 2012

air force 1 year of the goat

the first pair of air force 1's i ever bought were the year of the dog editions.

then i started getting into ebay and bought a pair of year of the monkey af-1's

not long after that i bought a pair of year of the horse af-1's

and that was it for a few years. nike didn't make an af-1 to celebrate the year of the ox
or the year of the pig.

last year they came back with a bang and dropped the year of the rabbit af-1

and recently cae the year of the dragon editions...

so i was now missing two pairs. the year of the rooster and the year of the goat.

yesterday this box turned up at whitfield towers
don't you just love the old nike boxes ?

oh yes
in my preferred size, though i do sometimes wear a size 8uk

air force 1 year of the goat
all white with an ice outsole.
ordinarily i stay well clear of white kicks. i even try to stay away from white
midsoles but these are just about acceptable. i think it's ok to have one pair
of all white kicks in my crate, plus they do have three nice little details
and also have the saving grace of having the ice outsole.

they material used throughout is pretty decent
it's a premium white pebbled leather.
white stitching throughout, which is something i agree with... i'm not a great
fan of contrast stitching.

the tongue tabs have an orange goat design
which is a nice touch

these are probably the most padded af-1's i own. very spongey white sock liner
with an orange chinese seal on the insole in a stamp style.

the best detail is the orange stitching on the heel tabs
which says 'goat'

i probably wouldn't have bought these if they had a white outsole
nike did well here, using an ice out.

i love an ice out... ( both my pairs of af-1 bespokes have ice outs )
and it does a great job here of adding a little something to a crisp white shoe.

so here they are

do you think they are ok ? do you like that they are crisp and clean ?
would you have preferred it if they had say an orange swoosh or
a goat symbol on the foxing ?

i'm thinking about dropping some orange laces onto these bad boys,
how do you think that would look ?

well i have to say i don't think i'll wear these out teamed with jeans
they have the look of a jack the lad being worn with jeans,
i think i'll try them with some nice grey 'round the houses'
or a pair of khaki workpants. they will probably look good with shorts
too as then the orange details will be visible.

anyway, the year of the goat... not great but not bad.

so now... where can i get a pair of af-1 year of the rooster editions ?

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