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Friday, 30 March 2012


the same day that i photographed the tuna auction, i met up with
a friend of a friend, yuriko-chan in a corking place in roppongi called...
( ok, i've forgotten what it was called... it was just a number not a name )

yuriko brought along kana, a friend of hers, who i've already mentioned
in previous posts due to the pulp fiction style timeline i'm using here
( caused by blogging photos from three different cameras in the order which
they were taken )


after a few drinks i resorted to my standard tactic of drawing myself
and my companions on a couple of my business cards
left to right: me, yuriko-chan, kana-chan.

they got me back by doing sketches of me...
on the right is yuriko's effort, which is pretty good although it looks like
i'm struggling with a mouthful of sushi or something.
on the left, check out kana's effort... she studied me for ages then simply
did a profile sketch of me ! very nice indeed. very stylish.

kana also tried to teach me how to write my name in japanese

as we were leaving i spotted a very nice background for a little photoshoot
( you know i like wood right ? )

here's one i took of kana and yuriko

then i asked a passer by to take a shot of the three of us

i didn't know how to say "is there any chance?" in japanese so yuriko
politely asked her to try again...
still a pretty disgraceful attempt, which is a shame as i was looking like
a boss here !

obviously i asked one of the ladies to take a shot of me... just of me
nice... i love wood.

next it was yuriko's turn to take a shot of me and kana

then myself and yuriko eyed kana suspiciously as she took a shot of the two of us
i should say a big thank-you to yuriko and kana for meeting up with me,
listening to my rubbish stories and putting up with me griping about the beer.


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  1. i am really enjoying going through all the japan posts - very interesting