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Friday, 2 March 2012

london undercover x carhartt camo umbrella

what do you think about umbrellas ?
i'm really talking to blokes here... it strikes me that blokes never use umbrellas.

is it because umbrellas usually look a bit 'girly' for want of a better word ?

i like that umbrellas can be a bit gadgety, you know, those tiny ones that fold out
at the push of a button, but usually they have a floral pattern or are in
a dodgy colour don't you think ?

what i'm getting at is this.

i bought an umbrella on saturday
obviously i have no idea if it's any good. i didn't even ask.
it just ticked a few boxes for me as it's a collaboration, a limited edition,
it's quite gadgety, well made with nice details and it's in a camo pattern.

here's the end of the cardboard tube packaging it came in
sweet !

and here's the thing with the top off
excellent ! wooden handle with carhartt logo laser engraved into it.

 it also has a camo cover or pouch

with some sort of carhartt branding

there is a metal clip on the cover, a cotton wrist strap on the handle
and a sneaky bit of london undercover branding on the handle

and here's what it looks like just after giving me 7 years bad luck
i've never been much of a fan of carhartt to be honest but i do like this
umbrella very much. it'll attach nicely to my camera bag and i almost look
forward to getting rained on some day soon.


  1. That's probably the best umbrella I have ever seen! Top man mark.