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Thursday, 15 March 2012

capetown and the eclairs

i met up with my friend capetown on friday afternoon.
a fly on the wall documentary following her around town doing her job would
make incredible television. i was only with her for half an hour or so but
it was like being whisked away into the middle of a james bond film.

we did manage to sit down for maybe 5 minutes and over a flat white
and we discussed how thewordsweet is going to progress

before we said our goodbyes, capetown arranged a little gift for me to take home.
could it be ?

oh yes !
the three wise eclairs.

the white one is lime and coconut 
the brown one is coffee and caramel 
and best of all, debuting that very day, a new invention... the orange eclair !

thanks capetown... that's three of my five-a-day right there.

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