snapshots and observations

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

what i brought home from tokyo ( part one )-

around shibuya you can hardly move for people handing you packs of tissues.

i don't know what the deal is to be honest.
is there perhaps a law that you can't hand out flyers on the street but you can
give people free tissues ?

basically the packs of tissues all carry advertisements for things. mainly mobile
phone related items, but also cafes and restaurants.
as the people in tokyo seemed jolly polite, i figured it would be rude to not take
tissues from them so i ended up with this little lot.

bless you tokyo


  1. Apparently this started in the 1960's. Companies used to use books of matches to advertise as flyers were generally discarded immediately. They moved to tissues as these have a wider appeal and according to Wikipedia (I know) around 76 % are retained by people. I think it is a great idea.