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Thursday, 15 March 2012


crisps are one of my top ten things to eat.
that's a fact.

up on the rooftop in wc2 the other day, me and robo-cat took a few photos of
each other while waiting for the client to climb up.
while doing this we got the munchies and started talking about what we'd like to eat.

i ventured that i was in the mood for a pint of beer and a bag of crisps.

robo-cat went quiet and i could see she was thinking about what i'd said...
she thought about it for a while...

... then turned to me and said
" i don't see the point in crisps "

i know what she meant, and although i disagree, i did like the way she phrased it.

" i don't see the point in crisps "

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