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Thursday, 8 March 2012

gilbert and george

i just had to share this gem with you.

while we were waiting to start a shoot last week we were given drinks.
standardly i opted to have a coffee. robo-cat chose a coke.
we then had a little look around the place to see which angles would work best,
to see if there were any interesting things on the walls etc.

jackpot !
look what was on the wall... a signed gilbert and george poster.
she stared at it and i must say she looked a little perplexed.

i asked her "do you know gilbert and george ? ... have you heard of them ?"
she still looked a bit confused so i said "they are artists"

her reply was so amazing that i wrote it down word for word. here it is...

"oh... i thought they were from a fairy tale, you know, the two guys who 
found the candy house"

never a dull moment.

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