snapshots and observations

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

diva demand... fail

yesterday i took a call from a shoe designer who needed an emergency shoot
doing in two hours time.

it was to photograph two pairs of shoes that she had made for a certain 'celeb'
and the shoes had just arrived at her studio. they also had to be delivered to 
the celeb in the evening ( by her not me ) so there wasn't a lot of time 
to get some quality images of these special shoes for her website.

the designer said she would bike the shoes to whitfield towers so 
i agreed a price but threw in a bit of a demand on top...

i said i will only do it if you throw in a twix with the shoes !

later the package arrived and check it out...
no twix !

denied !

still, fair play to her... thinking on her feet ( leave it ) she'd used her
initiative and thrown in a snickers bar with the instuctions.

nice one emmy.


  1. Clearly a professional. I have spent many hours in my life considering what the greatest overall chocolate bar is, and it is indeed a Snickers.

  2. heath you are having a nightmare.

    the snickers bar came below the twix, mars bar and kit-kat in the 2012 official chocolate bar ratings ( though the kit-kat was later disqualified for merely being a chocolate covered biscuit )