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Thursday, 29 March 2012

ikebukero at night

here are a few shots i took one night walking from my hotel to the 
train station in ikebukero

this place was just around the corner from my hotel.
it's a dog hotel !
i guess you can leave your dog there when you got to work or whatever and
give it a day of pampering... you know, pay for your dog to have an aroma massage.


around the corner from the dog hotel was a block full of restaurants, bars
and amusement arcades. to be honest, some of the little restaurants and
bars looked amazing, but i didn't venture inside any of them.

it's a mirror ok... mirr-or... mirr-or

the advert on the left reminds me of my friend reiko's illustrations.

i just like japanese writing, that's all.

great writing plus check out the way it's attached to the wall.

what a great sign !
amazing font for the word 'bar' and the number 11

they should sell t-shirts with this on the front.

this looked interesting, but i preferred to give my yen to c & c curry

yoshinoya is a great place to eat, plus they use a lot of orange in their signs.

i must admit, these look a lot nicer than c & c curry but...

so does this, but i still preferred to dine at c & c

hmmm... i really like the idea of 24 hour eateries

nice '5' nice japanese writing, but what's the 'green peas' all about ?

this was interesting. as i walked past this place i could hear a load of beeping
and video game noises but also this rhythmic drumming...
a bit like in 'love lockdown' by kanye west.

i stepped inside to check it out and there was this boy and girl playing a video
game which involved drumming. i won't lie, it sounded fantastic.
in hindsight i should have recorded it as an annoying ringtone.

anyway, it was very cool... very japanese.

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