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Monday, 26 March 2012

flying home ( iphone pics )

ok, one last batch of iphone pics then i'll post some decent shots.

after passing through customs and getting my passport photo scrutinised
this is pretty much the last bit of japan i saw before stepping onto 
a british plane staffed by british people. as ever with japan, it seems really polite.

less polite was the amount of legroom i was given for a 12 hour flight.
grrr !

still, at least i had a window seat so i could take a few pics of the interesting views.
i think what we are looking at here is wales. yes, i'm pretty sure we were over wales.

this was a few minutes before we landed. is that some sort of olympic games
nonsense down there ?

sweet views over buckingham palace, the houses of p and the london eye.

it was round about this point that a kindly air stewardess reminded that i 
should have turned my phone off 5 minutes ago. my argument that the legroom 
was so tiny i was unable to manage this carried about as much weight as 
lara flynn boyle, so  reluctantly i switched it off and the pilot managed 
to regain control of the plane and make a safe landing.

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