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Thursday, 22 March 2012

self-portraits in sw1

not one, but two self-portraits today.

i woke up at 4am with japan jet-lag but i had a shoot at 6am
anyway so it was all good.

feeling tired and jonesing for coffee, i decided it was a perfect time to
set up my first self-portrait since my return to sunny london.

( i actually had a shoot two hours after i landed home the other
day, but i was so weary i forgot to shoot a self-portrait )

here goes...
a decent return to form here. standard pose and i like that my face is in shadow.

stumbling into some better light and with my jumper off, i figured it was
time for take two
top by marc jacobs
t-shirt by stüssy x hanes
jeans by evisu
belt by marc jacobs
af-1's by nike x maharam

3 coffees by 7am

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