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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

working it out with a pencil

the phrase "working it out with a pencil"
reminds me of a story my friend elvis told me in mongolia
a few years ago, but i'll save that for another time.
( or even better, don't relate that story at all ? - ed )

ok, i wanted to show you this photo for a special reason.
the reason being, i took this photo and although i liked it, i didn't really know how to 
use it in a blog post. i didn't really know what to say about it.

let's rewind a little bit here... a friend of mine, let's call her 'capetown' has a blog
and i very much like her style of writing.

also, you know i do like a bit of a collaboration right ?

well, one day over a flat white we discussed the idea of doing a joint blog
as a side project. a collaboration between the two of us using my photos and her words.

the idea being, when i have a photo that i like but don't really know what to
say about it, or it won't fit in with my blog here, i'll send it to our joint blog
and she will write about it.
even if she doesn't know what the photo is or where it was taken, 
what the story is etc. my friend 'capetown' will chuck a few words at it 
( hopefully using better phrases than 'chuck a few words at it ) 
and make nice little posts using my images.

interested ?

then why not have a look at:

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