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Thursday, 1 March 2012

sailor jerry spiced rum

i meant to show you this ages ago.
sailor jerry spiced rum

it was a christmas present from a magazine i shoot for
i like that it's a good gift for bad people.
 i like the old school tattoo illustration on the packaging too.

oh, check out the top of the tube 
excellent detail.

here's the back of the packaging
very nice.

as you'd expect... a decent label on the bottle
do you like rum by the way ?
my grandfather was a sailor and he told me that on the ship
he used to get given a ration of rum every night ( i do hope that wasn't a euphanism )
and also i remember that especially in winter time he would occasionally
have a shot of rum in his coffee and i thought it smelled really nice.

er, anyway... i really like this present. i love the design of the packaging 
and the label on the bottle and i very much like that it comes with a 
limited edition poster
i might crack it open tonight and have a shot in my evening coffee.

( my grandad was from wales by the way, and today is st david's day 
so i think it seems quite a respectful thing to do )

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