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Thursday, 26 April 2012

art and sole

ok, i've had a good flick through the art and sole book now

and i'm most impressed. if you like trainers and design then i reckon 
you should seek it out and give it pride of place on your coffee table.

here are a few pages from the collaborations section which caught my eye



don't judge me !

i love these... and they're french !

crooked tongues with the accessories pack

looking back trying to find the old posts of these kicks made me realise
i haven't done a proper post about my adidas / colette century lows...
... i'll remedy that in the next few days because they are seriously amazing.

also i almost forgot, i have a real cracking example of sneaker art myself
here at whitfield towers and i've never ever taken even one photo of it.

it's a piece that is probably one of the rarest items i own... a real grail piece.

i'll give you a clue... it is associated with a film.

any guesses are welcome, maybe even a sneaky prize if you guess right.

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