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Thursday, 19 April 2012

the walrus.

i've mentioned the big loud bloke who sits behind me at the arsenal
on a few posts during the season... no not gooner jeff, the bloke who sits
4 seats away from jeff... a bloke we know as 'the walrus'

well on monday night there was no sign of him at the wigan match.
we all thought it very strange as he never misses a game.

then at half time i turned around to chat to gooner jeff and glanced towards
the walrus's position, where i saw this...
the bloke who sits next to the walrus had placed a bunch of flowers
on his seat.

oh dear...
red and white flowers, very arsenal.

the bloke told me the story. the walrus who was singing at the man city
game just 7 days previously was taken ill the next day and died 3 days later.
he was quite a character. he was always singing, always making up new songs 
and showing passion for the team he supported.
he will be missed.

martin quinton, the walrus ( 1961-2012 )


  1. Celta Vigo away singing and Chating at traffic lights on his motorbike about the Arsenal and how we getting to next Euro away game . RIP

  2. Go on The Walrus!

    Will miss his familiar face. Anyone who has gone regularly (ie - every game home and away) for any length of time in the last twenty years will feel like they knew the bloke. I barely said a handful of words to him on my travels with the Arsenal but felt like I knew him as he was always there.

    Say hello to Rocky for us big man.


  3. Top man gooner through and through be missed on away days.

  4. GOD BLESS you mate, you put a smile on my boat over the years....
    and remember if your gooner wash your face then wash your ARSENAL....
    RIP big man.

  5. A big thank you to Mark Whitfield for taking the time and trouble to upload the photos and the story about Martin. The support shown by everyone, especially fellow Gooners has been so overwhelming - thank you everyone from myself. my sister and brother. We will miss him so much and it looks like fellow Arsenal fans will miss him to. Thanks again Mark and everyone else who has paid tribute to Martin - Best Wishes Sandra (Proud Sister of "The Wulrus") RIP Big Man xx

  6. sandra i have had some prints done of the shot of martin. i am going to take them to the chelsea game on saturday.
    can i post one to you ?
    just let me know your address.
    he was missed at the wigan game. when word spread about his passing away you could see lots of people shaking their heads and speaking fondly of him.

  7. R.I.P Martin,it was a privalege to know you mate. Geoff.

  8. great man, had the pleasure of knowing walrus through the 80s. always took time to say hello and have a few words with me. every person i have spoken to at the arsenal knew the walrus, and all spoke well of him. he will be sorely missed.
    rip big man.