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Friday, 13 April 2012

dspatch camera straps

i've been having nightmares with my camerastraps recently.

i bought an expensive roberu strap for my gxr and it didn't fit.
i then hacked away at another roberu strap that was on my gf1
and put that on it... but it still didn't fit very well so i took it off.

i think i've found the answer to my camerastrap needs though
( oh, i should say that i wanted a strap with some style
as well as fitting my cameras properly. also ideally it would be a strap
that i wouldn't see anybody else with... you know, a rare strap )

where was i ?
oh yes, i think i found the answer with dspatch straps.

i sent off for a couple and an annoyingly long time later they arrived in n7
standardly, being a package sent from the good old usa, i got hit with 
a £20 charge from the lads at the uk border agency... well a £12 charge from
customs and a £8 charge from the post office for telling me about it.

here are the two straps i bought
one in olive, one in black.

not bad
olive like my eyes

and black like my heart
i bought them both with the extra clip on bits so that they will fit on any camera

they seem pretty well made. they are nothing flash but they do have a bit
of style about them. nice label too.
funnily enough. since i bought these two straps they've added a new model.
it's a wider, stronger strap, i guess built for bigger cameras and it's available
in camo too !

yes, one is on it's way to whitfield towers as you read this

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