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Friday, 6 April 2012

jumping on the flat white bandwagon

have you noticed how many places started jumping on the flat white 
bandwagon over the past year or so ?

first costa and s***bucks decided to give it a whirl which pretty much
sealed their fate with me, but now i've started to spot flat whites popping
up in the most unexpected places.

remember the builder's cafe in east london the other week which sold
me a flat white in a big mug ?

well this week i checked out a new place in n7 which was right next to
my bank and lo... on the menu, there it was... flat white ( single or double )
single or double ? come on you australians. explain to the english why
that's wrong...

then in leeds last weekend, in a corking art gallery cafe
flat white ( with explanation )

in fairness, the flat white was spot-on
unlike the builder's cafe and temptations.

also in leeds, i didn't try this place, but spotting this sign was what gave me 
the idea to mention jumping on the flat white bandwagon.
this place is called "fatso's" and it's what i'd describe as a pie shop. 
it was very much like greggs if you know what i mean ?
selling hot pies, sausage rolls, sandwiches etc to take-away.

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  1. Ja ja ja... I have fake tan!!!! eh eh.. so what?
    You are right in the most unexpected place I have taken rich coffee.
    Yes, he is my son Vlad just 15 years old and very handsome like me...
    ja ja
    I will waiting for you!