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Saturday, 7 April 2012

record fair... a post for the earl of stokes

my friend the earl of stokes likes a good record fair.

when i was in leeds last weekend i came across a record fair in the old
corn exchange and it made me think about the earl.

sometimes the records i spotted there would make me think of him.
i would also be reminded of him when i saw the record 'nutters'* flicking 
through the covers in the little wooden crates, their fingers all a blur.

before i slip up and mention that all the blokes there looked like the
earl too, i'll crack on and just show a few photos...


no lie, the earl could probably tell me something about this record
just by seeing that little bit of sleeve.

duchess by the stranglers. ( i used to have this record )
 nice over the top font for the word 'duchess'
also what a really poor photo.

pale shelter perhaps ?

look at elvis looking at you earl !

the other elvis, plus the essential record fair album, pet sounds.

once again, no lie but the earl of stokes could probably talk about this
album for longer that it takes to play it. top man earl.

mirror signal manouvre.
turning my back on the records i spotted a mirror and some good light.
( polo shirt by a bathing ape, destroyer jacket by nike, jeans by evisu )

miles davis.

not to be confused with leeds very own miles davies

* sorry, 'collectors'


  1. The Earl of Stokes7 April 2012 at 12:24

    May I say, the preferred term for record nutters who sift through boxes of vinyl is 'crate diggers'. Nice pics though and they certainly got my fingers twitching.
    Did you ever get that Elvis Costello 'Get Happy?!' poster you were after, by the way?!
    Signed, The Earl

  2. no, i never got the get happy poster. have you got a spare ?