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Monday, 2 April 2012

loopwheeler fail... coffee win

after my rainy encounter with the girls, i took the metro to harajuku.
the reason for this was twofold.
1. to visit loopwheeler and maybe buy a sweatshirt
2. to try and find a very special coffee shop called omotesando koffee.

firstly i schlepped it up the hill to loopwheeler
the old loopwheel in the window was working away.
the story is that it takes one hour to make one metre of material.
loopwheeler garments are of the most incredible quality. i bought a zipped
top from this shop maybe 2 years ago and it is almost a prized possession.

it was a miserable day, absolutely chucking it down and loopwheeler
is in the middle of nowhere... a bit of a residential area i guess.
so i decided to have a bit of a mooch around rather than peg it down to
harajuku. in the back of my mind i was hoping i'd find a little coffee shop...
i turned right out of loopwheeler, turned right at the end of the road and

boom !
outstanding !
a tiny little coffee shop with i reckon room inside for 6 people to stand.

i guess it's called "be a good neighbour coffee kiosk"
shame they spelled "neighbour" incorrectly but wow ! what a belting little
place to stumble upon... and maybe a 10 second walk from loopwheeler too.

as i had the place to myself, i started chatting to the people who worked there.
you know me, i showed them a load of my photos of flat whites on my phone
and doled out my business cards etc, etc.

i asked for a flat white and the barista set to work

go on boy !

top man.

i was so happy to find a coffee shop in tokyo that would make me a flat white
that i quickly took a photo of  my drink

then i went outside to photograph it
nice... i hope this gives the impression of how i felt at the time.
it was pretty cold outside, it was raining and i was dog tired.
then by pure luck ( though i would say skill ! ) i found a charming little place
staffed by two sweet people who made me a flat white that i could enjoy in
the warmth of their lovely little shop... mmmm...

i quickly stepped back inside, took this one last photo of my coffee then
i started to drink it. it was like a diamond bullet to the temple... pure genius.
we chatted some more about the coffee scene in london, about photography
and all that and then when i mentioned omotesando koffee, they drew me a
little map to show how to find it ( it's notoriously difficult to find )

and they gave me a little badge too
many thanks to the two people at be a good neighbor ( grrr ! )
you were two of the nicest people i met in tokyo and you made me 
appreciate just how much a good coffee can perk a miserable bloke up.

arigato and all that.

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