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Saturday, 14 April 2012

my cameras

i have a few cameras but the main four that i use for work are these

leica m9
this is the camera i use the most. i use it for interiors, portraits and travel
( it's fitted with the leica strap it came boxed with )

ricoh gxr
this is like my second leica camera. it's a great little back-up, plus the sensor 
is different to the m9 so all my leica lenses play differently on this body.
for example my 50mm f1.1 becomes a 70mm f1.1
( it's fitted with an olive coloured dspatch strap )

lumix gf1
this is the camera i take pretty much everywhere with me.
here it's with a 20mm pancake lens but i also have a 50mm f1.4
and a fisheye lens for this bad boy.
i also use it as back up on food shoots with a leica r-series lens.
( at the moment it's fitted with a leopardskin twinspanda strap )

fuji x100
i use this mainly for portraits but also it's a very good
camera just to travel around with. very good quality and some great
features that my other cameras don't have.
( this is fitted with a roberu x 6shiki canvas and leather strap )


  1. really nice blog! I have the GF1 and have been thinking about buying the leica 25mm. Already have the 20mm pancake. Have you noticed any benefits? It's a lot to spend for a small focal difference? Thanks again for the writing and photos. Always gets a smile, even if you don't! (something we have in common)...this blog won't let me put my name etc!

  2. hmmm... it's a tricky one. as you say, it's a lot of money for not much difference. also it's a big lens compared with the compactness of the 20mm pancake.
    it's absolutely stunning for portraits, playing as a 50mm which is just about ok whereas a 40mm is a bit wide for just head and shoulders. the 1.4 fall off is amazing, it looks a lot more impressive than 1.7.

    i guess if you can afford it, go for it. you will use it and like it. however i would say that generally i still use the 20mm more than the 25mm.

    you could always just leave your name to sign off your comment ?
    thanks for the question anyway.

  3. yes, i should have done that, but wasn't sure if the comment would go though...tried to send with url etc a few times. Thanks for the answer. I tend to want compact at the moment as this is a bit of a "do everything camera" Thinking i should wait for a bit anyway as i work in animation and need to consider video. One of the best cameras i've had though.


  4. yeah the gf1 and 20mm pancake is a great combo.

    all the best mate.