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Monday, 9 April 2012

play x a bathing ape t-shirt

hats off to mrs w.

when i was in tokyo the second branch of the dover street market opened
in ginza. to celebrate the opening their were lots of collaborations between
various companies. the one i was most interested in was a bathing ape
getting together with comme des garcons and their play range.

i schlepped it over to ginza in the rain but all the stock had sold out...
( you know all about the japanese and queueing right ? )

unbeknownst to me, in sunny london, mrs w took a trip to the original
dover street market which is located in... that's right, dover street and
pulled the trigger on this bad boy for me

outstanding play from mrs w
and outstanding labelling from comme des garcons

what a beauty
when it's short sleeve weather i'll be wearing this like a boss

well played bape and comme des garcons
but most of all, well played mrs w.

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  1. Very nice. Its always good to have a great teammate on your side.