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Monday, 9 April 2012

book for my coffee table

i was on a bit of a roll snapping up the last one in the shop
while i was in tokyo.
i previously mentioned the bape / porter key pouch which was the last
one left in the og green camo in not just the harajuku branch, but also
shibuya and aoyama. it really is a gem.

so when kana-chan took me to maybe tokyo's most beautiful bookshop
which was located in daikanyama, my mission was to buy a few copies of
a coffee book which i was told about a few weeks ago. i figured they'd make
nice presents for some friends... however
tsutaya books is indeed a beautiful bookshop. aside from daunt books
in marleybone high street and a bookshop in porto who's name escapes me
i'd say tsutaya in daikanyama is the best looking bookshop in the world.

but sadly, they only had one copy of this left
so somewhat wagamama-ishly, i bought it for myself

don't worry lads, you're not missing anything. it's downhill from the 
front cover to be honest, and even the front cover is on the back cover !
plus it's all in japanese.

oh well.

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