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Friday, 27 April 2012

nike air force 1 i.d's ( limited edition safari print )

i got a buzz from reception yesterday afternoon...
"mark, package has arrived for you... looks like trainers"

a few minutes later i was staring at this box. 
standardly i took a photo of this with my phone and sent it to my mate neil.
( it's what's known in the game as 'the tease' )

another tease ? my pleasure
by now you've seen the title of this post so you can probably anticipate...

'the reveal'
that's right. the limited edition material for the month of april was safari print.

i used a similar method to how i treated the limited edition elephant print...
 no subtle touches for me, just all over safari print.
( those laces are going to need sorting out by the way )

talking of laces, i opted to have the dark brown laces fitted with gold tips
gold dubres too

here's a close look at the safari print material
it's funny stuff. leathery but with a soft almost suede finish
i chose not to have contrast stitching by the way... i didn't want to make these
too lairy after all !

i got the lining and heel tab stitching in dark brown to match the laces
and to make the nike air and swoosh merge into the pattern as much as possible

i was debating if i should choose a white midsole with a gum out
but i'm not a fan of a white mid to be honest so i picked a dark brown midsole
with a gum outsole

dark brown stitching on the midsole
dark brown trim too

all in all i think these are perfect for summer ( if we ever get one )
as ever, the final touch is a gold tag with brown leather inlay.

outstanding !


  1. to only be worn with matching catsuit?

  2. Very well done.


  3. I must have these, tell me, i will pay anything