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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

breakfast in leeds

breakfast in leeds i found to be a three-step affair.

step 1
breakfast arrives.
bacon, fried egg, beans, cumberland ring, black pudding and...
what the what ?!

what's that stuff on top of my sausage ?

step 2
i asked a grown up to move the offending greenery to the furthest corner of
my plate while grumbling about not having asked for it and
hoping that it hasn't made the sausage taste all vegetabley or salady.

i continued to mutter while eating, letting out choice soundbytes like
"it's curtains for that waitress bringing me unnecessary greenery"
or maybe "no way am i tipping her after nearly ruining my breakfast"

step 3
like a brave soldier i battled through, and in spite of the presence of
green nonsense i managed to finish my breakfast and went on to spread
my cheer to the good citizens of leeds right up until lunchtime when 
my omelette turned up with... 

... no, that's another story for another time.

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