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Monday, 9 April 2012

spending my last few yen at the airport

it's kind of traditional to spend your last few bits of 'foreign money'
at the airport isn't it ?

here's what i picked up at narita

a bottle of salt

of course i picked up a bottle of salt for a good reason...
to stand alongside his little mates on a shelf in my kitchen

a bottle of pop
actually it's in a metal bottle and it's not pop, it's some kind of sport drink

i like the english writing on it
let's vitamin !

i don't know what this is to be honest. i just like the look of it.
i would guess it's lemon juice but i could be wrong.

my friend rob advised me to buy some japanese chocolate called 'black'-something
but i forgot what it was called. i bought a few packets of this but it turns out what
i should have bought was called 'black thunder'

that's one of your five-a-day right there... blueberries.

my appreciation of the kitkat has been well documented on this blog

at last i can say yes mum... i'm eating my greens !

i spent my last few coins in the vending machine next to gate 22
and bought 5 cans of  pocari sweat

i like that they're cans, i like the japanese writing and i like the english
name... pocari sweat !
and that was that. my trousers were lighter for having got rid of the coins but
my coat was hanging down low with the weight of these cans in my sky rockets.

sayanora tokyo

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