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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

the queen

i picked up these two postcards last week at the national portrait gallery

this exhibition is going to bring 'em in ( even more so than tony the prawn )
i like that the photo on the right has been included in this exhibition

because funnily enough it's the only photograph i have ever bought
here's my print hanging proudly in the whitfield towers entrance hall

and here's a view of the print looking into the living room
it's the only photo on display at whitfield towers.
i don't even have any of my own work framed... just this one

i bought it at the press night of the chris levine exhibition in 2008
though i feel a bit odd buying another photographer's work, this is an image
i like very much indeed.

anyway, from may 17th, get yourself down to the national portrait gallery

and don't forget to salute.

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