snapshots and observations

Thursday, 5 April 2012

breakfast on the a1 to leeds

i drive up to leeds every now and then.

whenever i do i always stop to eat at a cracking little place which
i think is just past nottingham on the a1

parked outside the place are a load of massive trucks and one fiat 500
so i do stand out a bit when i'm there.
but the food is great and the tables make a good background for a photo so...
it did come with two rounds of toast too, but i thought the shot looked better
without the 'holy ghost' being in the frame.


  1. That is a disappointingly small sausage!

  2. What's the name of the cafe...heading up to Scotland next week...might make a nice stop...

  3. it's a tricky one jack. i've just spent ages trying to find in on google.
    basically if you're driving northbound on the a1, kind of near nottingham you'll see advanced signs for the ok american diner. the bad thing is there are two on the northbound side and i'm not sure if it's the first or 2nd one you need to look out for.
    but if you see the ok diner which is at the side of the a1 next to a petrol station, then the brilliant cafe is the one which is the next signposted cafe or truck stop after it. it's in a massive lay-by hidden from the a1 where there are loads of trucks and it's a green coloured unit on the right hand side of the lay-by.
    english bloke cooking and a polish girl taking the orders. you'll love it.