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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

self-portraits in w4

in a workshop in w4 last week, standing in front of a beautiful piece of
bespoke furniture i decided the time was right for a self-portrait...
after being let down on the assisting front, plus being conkers deep in sawdust
i found no difficulty in striking a miserable pose.

i was caught bang to rights though. the workshop paparazzi 
grabbed a sneaky frame of me striking a pose

i thought it only fair to then invite the paparazzi and the craftsmen to join me
for a team shot
there was some outstanding work going on in this workshop in w4
( and by that, i don't mean my photography )

the two wood-making blokes... would they be carpenters ? what's the word ?
anyway, they had made some fantastic pieces. pieces designed by a top
bloke... no tweed involved, which i thought was a shame, but some beautiful
oak, maybe the odd bit of perspex and my favourite thing of all...
some orange painted bits !

you know i love orange right ?
and you know i love wood right ?

well what do you think i did while i was there ?
there's a clue in this photo.

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