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Monday, 2 April 2012

ikebukero girls in the rain

i don't speak any japanese, which made doing anything over there pretty tricky 
without the help of a translator.

sure i could order myself a chicken katsu curry, but all i did there was to
press a button on a machine that showed a photo of the dish, hand the ticket
to the bloke behind the counter and then point to the sign that said "hot curry"

there were a lot of people on the streets that i would have liked to photograph
but for one thing i couldn't talk to them and also sadly enough it pretty much
poured down every second i was in tokyo.

i did however stop these two girls in ikebukero one day when i was on my
way to the metro station.
i did this by using the universal language... david bailey english.

for some reason i went a little bit cockney as if i thought japanese girls would have
no problem understanding me if i spoke like that.

the scene played out something like this...

me: "hello girls, do you mind if a take some photos ?"
they spoke to each other in japanese...
i presumed they were saying "fantastic, this handsome photographer has stopped
us in the rain and is now talking in a language we can't understand.
it's not as if we're in a hurry and getting soaked so yes, let's pose up
a bit and make peace signs"

"ok sweetheart... look this way"
grrr ! how could she not understand me ?

"this way angel... down the lens"
to be honest, although she was somehow not understanding me
i liked the shots. i liked that her umbrella was blurring the background.

i tried one more time

"come on darlin', let's see your mince pies"
success !

in my defence i might have said arigato at this point.

anyway, thanks very much to the two girls whoever they were.
they made my walk to the station a little brighter and also gave me
another tokyo post for my blog.

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