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Thursday, 26 April 2012


there's a website i check most days, and on that website,
one or two times a week they do a post called 'essentials'

i guess the idea is to show which items are essential to you each day.
what are the things you can't do without ?

while i was home alone today, i decided to photograph my 'essentials'
and after giving it a fair bit of thought i would say these are the things i need or
 use every day. i don't use my laptop every day, i don't need my passport most days.

but the items below, they are things i would term as 'essentials'... well, kind of

   1. white mountaineering x porter bag
   2. iphone 4s with fake wood cover
   3. bose headphones
   4. panerai gmt
   5. okayama project denim bracelet ( for japan red cross charity )
   6. 'michael' spectacles by stüssy
   7. jambox speaker
   8. fiat 500 car key with japanese lie detector key ring
   9. bape x porter key case
  10. fuji x100 with roberu x6shiki strap
  11. bape orange leather camo wallet

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