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Sunday, 15 April 2012

the japanese bag suppliers ( r1 and r2 )

yesterday i welcomed a couple of visitors to whitfield towers
for a coffee, a tea and a chat about japan, ireland, wales and cameras.

i don't really have nicknames for them but let's call them r1 and r2.

r1 did some translating for me when i was in tokyo 3 years ago.
he also supplied me with the masterpiece x harris tweed bag 
a few months ago...

r2 lives in tokyo and supplied me with the white mountaineering x porter bag
a year ago...

after some hot drinks and me telling r2 not to be so impressed with the grand canyon
because there is a bigger and better one in wales, we decided to commemorate their
visit to whitfield towers by posing for some official portraits.

r1 and r2
fair enough.

me and r1
i like the angle on this one. me and r1 are fairly tall and r2 is quite short

me and r2
grrr ! i'm almost smiling here

by the time this is published, r2 will be back in japan, back at uni
and back in position to supply me with the next 'must have' bag for my collection.

nice to see you r1 and r2

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