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Sunday, 1 April 2012

the return of g-fog

i've got to interrupt my tokyo ramblings with a newsflash.

as you may know,robo-cat is back in china for a while so i was 
going to hand over assisting duties to '14'

then last week i bumped into g-fog's mum ( c-fog ) at the millennium cafe.
while chatting away about japan, n7 and arsenal's topsy-turvy season, she 
informed me that g-fog was back from uni and available for work.

fast forward three days and...
team n7 is back together and g-fog is in action... working sammy silver.

and standing in for the chef when i was setting up the lights for his portraits.
this is one of the lighting set-ups i did for the chef.
i liked it very much but i thought it was a bit harsh for a portrait of g-fog so...

i brought back sammy silver
actually after seeing this ( and seeing the chef ) i decided to use sammy
for some of the chef portraits too.

i also did some portraits of the chef with an out of focus restaurant
as a background. i would show you them here but trust me, you're
better off looking at g-fog
i've no idea when robo-cat is coming back to north london but in the meantime
it's good to have the old team back together.


  1. The last portrait with the restaurant background is fantastic. Brilliant portrait. If g-fogs mum is c-fog, does that mean she has older brothers or sisters,, d, e, & f?

  2. she has a sister who worked with me a few times...

  3. Is I-fog small, white, perfectly packaged but a bit over priced for what you get?

  4. it's l-fog, not i-fog but i see what you tried to do there.