snapshots and observations

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

and again...

maybe i can make this into a regular feature.

i've been photographing restaurants for many years now and occasionally
i get commissioned to shoot a place that i have photographed previously.

4 years ago in w1

4 days ago in w1


  1. I like these - it's quite a challenge trying to work out what's different (longer lens, and the white balance?). Also, at first glance, I wondered why the stained glass was only in half the panels :)

  2. it's the same lens but on a different camera, which makes it play as a different lens if you know what i mean ?
    they removed all the art from the walls and put wall lights in their place. looks like they treated themselves to another
    champagne bucket too.
    the other difference was that the 'hole' was more or less filled with potted plants which i had to move out of the way to recreate my previous shot.
    oh, the ceiling lights changed slightly too.

    i'll see if i can dig out any other examples of places i've photographed years apart.