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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

my view from the back seat ( top deck ) of the 17

on saturday i took a 17 bus to theobalds road.
from there it's a pleasant 10 minute walk to the west end.

i took the gangster seat on the bus.
( top deck, back row corner seat )

from my this vantage point i spotted...

a bloke sitting a few seats infront, flaunting a fake tag heur and making a
phonecall that i didn't think was necessary.

standard n7 youth. grey tracky bottoms, grey hoody, bad posture, loud phone.

a stag posse, looking bored and lost on the mean streets of kings cross.
( i know... this is a bit out of whack and i'm blaming the bus's dirty windows for
this... you know, making it difficult for the autofocus )

and that was about it really

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