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Saturday, 25 February 2012

new iphone cover !

what the what ?!

how many iphone covers does a bloke need ?

i've shown you my bape camo gizmobies cover ( which was a big fail )
my gucci silicon case ( which is excellent but covers the flash )
my ikku denim snap case ( which looks good but isn't that protective )
the elephant print snap case ( also looks good but not too protective )

now look what i bought...
it's an one piece hard rubber case from j-crew

it's smaller than the gucci case and doesn't interfere with the camera flash.
it's slightly raised all around the phone ( unlike the ikku and elephant print cases )
plus i do like a bit of camo.

( though i am tempted to customise it with "n7" on the back using a silver krink pen )


  1. iPhone envy again. So much so, that I had to order me one. Hope you dont mind. Haha
    Your definitely on a role with a highlight reel of the finest iPhone cases tho. Major props!


  2. oh cheers for that. i like to mix them around a little but especially considering the price, the camo is a very, very
    nice case.