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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

keep cup

a few days back i bought a keep cup
i figured that it was a good idea, seeing as i'm forever getting take-away coffees
and getting through untold paper cups. you know... good for the environment
and all that nonsense.

as well as all that being good for the planet stuff, it's also a very nicely
designed thing and the girl in the coffee shop told me i could customise
my cup... like a bespoke coffee cup if you like. 
they had loads of them on a shelf and i put mine together using the 
coloured components exactly the way i wanted them.
there were lots of different colours available including some yellow bits,
dark green, blue, pink, purple, maybe even white, but i chose these pieces.

the orange clip on the orange lid might seem a bit lazy but that's the way i wanted it.
i'm looking forward to spilling coffee down my front from this bad boy in the near future.

why not check out their website ? there's a bit on it where you can design your own
cup... you know, a bit like nike i.d.

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