snapshots and observations

Thursday, 23 February 2012

combibos coffee

as usual i got to my shoot in oxford about an hour early.
so i skulked into a nearby place for a spot of breakfast... it was called combibos.

i opted for some sort of special breakfast deal. for £4.90 i got

a big cup of coffee ( it was an americano )

this was massive.
a muffin stacked with a fried egg, a really nice sausage, some bacon
and the biggest hash brown i've ever seen.

i sneaked a little bit of brown sauce into the equation and i was onto
a winner here.

free wi-fi too. 

good effort combibos.


  1. I need one of those in my life ASAP. Looks great and probably tasted better. Very dope!


  2. it tasted superb. like a mcdonalds stack but with better ingredients.