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Monday, 13 February 2012

film review: the inbetweeners movie

my review of the inbetweeners movie
i hadn't seen any of the inbetweeners on telly so i was unsure how i'd 
manage seeing the movie. would i be able to understand what was going on, 
 follow the plot and all that... 

... it was no problem.

i liked the film very much. if you want a film where you can laugh outloud
even though you know you shouldn't, then this is for you.

did i laugh ? oh yes

did i cringe ? yep

beer is the order of the day while watching this film... just beer

favourite line: "you owe me fifty euros"


  1. obviously there's no right and wrong about the best line, that's why i used the phrase 'favourite line' rather than 'best line'

    for me 'feed the pony' is an old euphanism... it's just like using an old joke in a script. i guess it's funny but for me it was one of the cringey moments.

    'you owe me fifty euros' was i thought quite a clever line because it referred to a conversation a few minutes previously in the film.
    after the initial conversation between the boys and the hotel owner, they bumped into the soldier who was staying there, had a conversation with him then he walked off. then for the owner to shout out to the man "you owe me fifty euros" i thought was a touch of genius. it makes you think back and realise what the man had done to warrant the fifty euro fine. it also made for some comic facial reactions from the man ( as he remembered what he'd done ) and the boys as they realised what he'd done.

    also, i don't know why ( although it's probably to do with the mighty boosh and their use of it ) but i find the word euro quite amusing.