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Monday, 6 February 2012

behind the scenes

i keep meaning to do more behind the scenes photos to show on my blog
but it's difficult sometimes. nine out of ten shoots are pretty much full-on
with very little spare time.

i did however manage to grab a few spare shots in sw3 last week
that shows a bit of what goes on.

firstly, here's a portrait of the chef

and here's a photo that shows how we were working
"14" ( who is standing on a chair by the way ) is holding a battery light
and i was shooting on f1.1 with quite a slow shutter speed.

the owner of the restaurant insisted i take a photo of the chef
standing outside the place to show the big 86 on the wall...

and here's one where i stepped back onto fulham road to show "14"
on reflector duties

and finally, as we packed away the cameras and lights, we stopped
for a team shot...
then we left sw3 for n7 via w8

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