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Thursday, 9 February 2012

eva air impulse purchase

have you ever bought anything while on an airplane ?

i once bought a t-shirt while i was on a bangkok airlines flight.
it was really nice and showed the different types of aircraft they had.
unfortunately it shrunk after one wash.

er, anyway... while on eva air to bangkok a few weeks ago,
well, you know how it is... you flick through the duty-free shopping
brochure while waiting for the plane to take off and never spot anything decent.

but on eva air i saw something a bit different.

look what i bought...
no, not a tote bag. look what was inside the bag...

boom !
eva air cabin crew figurines !

there are 4 to collect but somehow i managed to control myself
and i just bought two of them.
i should have kept the page from the brochure as it explained a little
about each character, you know "yuki is the new crew member and she likes to keep 
her passengers happy by bringing them extra drinks between meals" that type of thing.

here's what was inside one of the boxes

and here's how it all fits together
in case you were wondering, the spare parts are for extending the scene
so that if you collect all 4 figures, you can fit them all together on one plane.

oh here's a higher view so you can see a bowl of porridge or some such
that this character was delivering
it would have been more realistic if she had some garlic bread.

here's the other character i bought
i like that this one has a spare arm

so you can have her making an announcement over the intercom
"passenger announcement, passenger announcement... we have an emergency...
is there by any chance a photographer on board ?"

or you can have her just sitting calmly
knowing that the flight is in safe hands as the photographer takes control of the plane.

ha ha ! i just noticed... great detail... her seat comes complete with bum imprint !
genius !

i think the figures cost about £4 or £5 each and when the air hostess gave them 
to me she said "i've given you a little extra gift too" and look what she'd put inside
the bag...
two little compact mirrors. perfect for keeping in my camera bag
for that extra bit of flare ( or for checking my barnet )

anyway, good one eva air... you are a very nice airline.


  1. good purchase very original!

  2. you are soooo going to be kicking yourself that you didn't get the set

    i'll give you 'till the end of next week before ocd compels you to start scouring ebay for the missing ones, if that fails then a return trip may be inevitable.