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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

masterpiece x harris tweed, japan only shoulder bag... the details

did i bore you last time showing you the packaging for my new bag ?

hmmm... well brace yourself for more boredom as i show you the deets.
here's the bag. the main body is constructed from harris tweed
and the trimmings are in a soft brown leather. the turquoise parts are suede.

there are three tags attached to one of the zips.
they are just throw-away tags, but they are really nice.
1st up is this simple logo... a logo i like very much.
harris tweed

on the other side of the tag is this
it's a simple statement but one which lets you know that the item is quality.

the second tag has a message written in english 
or as ryan mcguinness would say... "engrish"

the third tag is a beauty
soft leather, stitched and with a brass eyelet.
etched into the leather are the words:
"with the concept to merge together design and functionality in a high level,
this product was born in japan in 1994"

this tag is of such top quality. i reckon any other brand would charge a tenner
for it as a key-ring, yet this is just a throw-away label type thing.

a smaller, similar label is stitched onto the front of the bag
just underneath the harris tweed authority patch of authenticity.

here's a look at some of the materials
you can almost feel the soft suede, the buttersoft leather and the tweed can't you ?

another amazingly high quality feature on this bag is the zip which is used throughout.
with the long leather tab and brass eyelet

here's a closer look
where hopefully you can see the moving elements of the zip pull.

the quality of the stitching and of the leather used is top notch
the connectors between the leather parts are all in brass

the bottom part of the strap can be moved from the central fixing
to a hook on either side of the bag

here's a wider look at the back of the bag
the dark brown back of the bag is in a soft padded material.

here's a closer look at the clip on the strap
it's a really heavy bit of brass. no point leaving it blank though.
so they engraved master-piece and the slogan into it just to be safe.

it's not a big bag. i can probably just put in a couple of cameras
and a few essentials like wallet, phone, paperback book and a can of pop.

inside the bag are two small zipped pockets and...
... another leather patch

and finally, one tiny little label
made in japan.

no doubt !

( sorry for boring you but this bag is a corker and i thought you should see it )

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  1. i am not really a bag person but there is absolutely no doubt this one is of the highest quality. i love the zip moving parts to reduce wear when it turns this way and that way. i really appreciate it when a lot of thought has gone into something and this definitely has.