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Monday, 20 February 2012

spare pics of robo-cat

here are a few spare pics of robo-cat i've had kicking around in my
blog folder that i didn't get the chance to publish in any previous posts.

this is when i was setting up the team shot of us in a restaurant in w1.
obviously i think it looked better with me sitting on the left but this
is quite a nice shot too.

this was in a vietnamese cafe. i was trying to set up a shot of the two of us,
one each side of the table. however i was using quite a wide lens and when i
got in the shot on the right, i looked like a giant and also i blocked off the counter.

all in all i think it looks better with just one person in the frame.

robo-cat is one of the sleepiest people i've ever met.

this was taken in my car on the way to a shoot. just as i parked up i noticed that 
she'd fallen asleep... so i grabbed my gf-1 and took this one frame.
it's probably one of my favourite photos of her to be honest.

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