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Monday, 27 February 2012

arsenal v spurs. sunday 26th february 2012

as you may know, for 2011/2012 i am the proud owner of an arsenal season ticket
( and i use the word 'proud' quite incorrectly there )

as you may also know, the thing i've enjoyed most about the season so far has
been the pies.

before the game against spurs yesterday i treated myself to a chicken balti pie.
it was hotter than i felt was strictly necessary so i left it to cool off for a while.

as i had spotted a supporter a few rows down who i just had to take a photo of

after saying goodbye to robin i went to say hello to my mate graham
who was there to take photos of the game for a national newspaper.

after a minute, robin came down and asked graham to take his photo with
the arsenal mascot, the gunnersaurus.
good lad graham.

ok, i'm going to miss a predictable part of the story now, save it for a post of
it's own and fast forward a little to when i was back at my seat.

the walrus was singing like a good 'un
and gooner jeff thanked his lucky stars that his season ticket wasn't for 
4 seats to his left.

i won't say much about the game only that it was the best 90 minutes i've seen
at the emirates all season. arsenal went from 2-0 down to winning 5-2.
at the final whistle the crowd went crazy.
i'm not an arsenal fan but fair play to them... what a result.

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