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Friday, 10 February 2012

in my postbox today

an envelope from germany
( i'm dying to get the word 'satisfactory' into this post for some reason )

inside the envelope
packaged nicely with two business cards and a sticker...

... was this beauty
a snap case for my iphone, made by a company called "ikku"

"ikku" means "coming and going" in japanese, which according to the press blurb
means that ikku cares where their materials come from and ( gulp )
where the world is going to...

as liam lynch might say... "yeahwhatever"

the reason i bought this case is that i think it's a thing of beauty, or at least
it's a little bit genius.

the back is covered with indigo coloured unwashed raw denim.

it's also what's known as a zero-waste design: the material used for these
cases is the excess fabric from the macbook and ipad sleeves that ikku make.

so here's how it looks on my dog and bone

here's the flip side
oh yes !

and here it is resting on my leg
as you can see, the denim is pretty similar to my evisu no.3's

if you're interested:

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