snapshots and observations

Thursday, 9 February 2012

self-portrait in b16

b16 ?

yes, birmingham.

after a strong black coffee to revive me from the early start and the snow,
i started shooting some interiors at a nice little place in b16.

after 5 minutes or so, the people in the restaurant left me alone to get on with it.


boom !
heattech vest by uniqlo
cashmere top by marc jacobs
workpants by stüssy x dickies
air force 1's by nike x krink

thanks to amy... the person and the houseboat.


  1. B16 is the restaurant name?
    thanks for comment my blog and now I will visit to you...
    nice place to work so you look so great....
    I am moving to Santiago for a new life
    see you

  2. no, b16 is the postcode. it is in birmingham.
    woah ! i love santiago. i worked there for a month back in 1998.
    good luck with everything and keep in touch.