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Friday, 24 February 2012

nike air force 1 i.d. ( limited edition elephant print )

a day after neil received his i.d's a package arrived at whitfield towers.
as you know, i'm pretty much running n7 these days.

the reveal...
seriously... elephant print all over... why not ?

though i thought long and hard about a sail midsole and gum out,
in the end i plumped for a black mid and an ice outsole
as you know, i love an ice outsole. it can appear to be almost invisible
from certain angles, giving the shoes the appearance of floating.
also it takes on slight properties from the midsole used with it...
so an ice sole used with a black mid, looks different to an ice out
used alongside a white mid... or a gum mid.

the limited edition elephant print leather is pretty sweet
it's quite a thick material and also it feels a little suede-ey if you know what i mean.

i even used elephant print for the tongue
and ran with grey laces ( with silver tips )

the elephant print heel tab nicely hides the grey stitched nike air and swoosh
textbook behaviour from me... i can't be doing with branded heel tabs

here's a good look at the materials.
elephant print, black mid with grey stitching, ice out, grey laces and silver dubres.

teamed up with some selvedge denim and the streets of n7 will soon be heated
all day every day.


  1. All day every day is right! Your kick game always reaches new heights, and these take it to the moon in my opinion. I know I've been on these a lot but I just can't get enough of them. Super props from the West!


  2. i wasn't sure at first, but now i really love these.
    i'm passing on this month's tennis ball material though, as it is only available on two sections of the shoe.

  3. Dope! is that cool grey or white print?

  4. i'm not sure what it was called to be honest. it was the limited edition material for february and only came in one colour.