snapshots and observations

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


i don't know if i ever posted the photo on my blog, 
i just tried to find it and i couldn't... hmmm...

let me explain.

a couple of months ago i saw a cycle courier who had very strange tattoos
on the backs of his legs. i asked him if i could take a photo and he said yes.

my friend danny is a black cab driver.

i messaged the pic to danny and he asked if he could forward it on to a taxi
driver's magazine as they had a photo competition each month.

so after the arsenal v spurs game i walked to islington with danny, to where
he'd parked his cab and he said he had something to show me...

there's danny's cab with the taxi magazine on the bonnet

there's the 'caught on camera' feature and... what's that ?

my photo scooped 1st prize this month 



  1. Cool - are you sure Danny didn't win!?

  2. cheeky !

    all i said was my photo scooped 1st prize.

    i'm not saying i won but i'm not saying danny won either. he didn't write a caption, he just forwarded my photo.

    we are splitting the prize money 50/50 by the way so let's call it a team effort.

    or should we split it three ways seeing as they're your legs ?